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Dear Customers, All our services are currently suspended till further notice. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Dear Customers, All our services are currently suspended till further notice. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

why PHOTO BLOCKs are the best gifts?

2 personalised photo slates with a couple staying on a sofa and a mother holding her kid

Importance of photos in our life.

You usually see that people hang their pictures and the pictures of their spouse and children on the entrance of their houses or them in their rooms or place such photos on their side tables. Because these pictures with your family give you a sense of affection. People have an emotional attachment to such images. These are not just pictures but a sign for the family. When you return tired from your work, the very first look at these photos will give you a sense of relief and satisfaction. They enhance your energies, give you positive vibes and drain away all your worries and tiredness, and you feel energetic.

Photo Blocks are compulsory in every house. 

So such photo blocks are a compulsory part of your house. You can use these as decoration, as a center piece on the dressing table, you can put them side on side tables or in somewhere in your kids’ room or even in your drawing room. These photo blocks will create a sense of attachment with your spouse and children. You can also give these photo blocks as a gift to your friends and family. Gift the photo block to your friend with the pictures of the most memorable moments of your life, the moments you enjoyed with him/her the most. Whenever your friend has a look at these pictures, his/her will replay those fascinating moments with you. He/she will find them in the same place and time again, and that moment will also remind them of you. Hence, these photo blocks will eventually strengthen your friendship.

why is the best place to get your photo blocks?

‘Design Your Gift’ will create these exceptional personalized photo blocks for you, your family and friends. With the best standards and quality, we always keep all your requirements into consideration. That’s why our customers all always highly satisfied with us. Every time you order a photo block from us, you will always get the right size you want, the editing of your photos will be according to your demand and their arrangement too. We use the best quality wood, paper, adhesives and printing inks to create the best results for you. Our customer is our priority, and your satisfaction is our aim. With all these extraordinary standards, we never burden your pocket. We give all these services at very reasonable rates. We offer discount bundles and promotional offers for your convenience.

We will deliver these customized photo blocks at your home completely free of cost throughout the UK. You will receive you in less than 48 hours, or sometimes even in less than 24 hours. You just have to open our website, Blocks. Select the size you want. Give the details of your order. Provide the address you want the stuff to be delivered. Select the payment method you want to. You can pay through Google pay, Master Card, VISA card, Credit card or AMEX and then share the photos you desire to be printed, and we will provide an excellent, beautiful and elegant photo block in your specified budget.