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Aluminium Photo Panel With Embossed frame

live beacon

This classic metal photo frame is eye-catching for its antique look and the shiny, vivid picture inside it, well thanks to the reflective nature of aluminium photo printing. Add your picture to our design tool and see how your picture will shine in this unusual frame with a unique look

This Frame is made of: 

  • Highly embossed metal frame,
  • Aluminium sheet coated for the best vivid pictures printing, 20x15cm
  • Top-quality crystal clear plexiglass to protect your
  • The back and the stand are covered with a very smooth finish texture for an extra luxurious touch.

Dimensions: 25x20 cm

We use high-quality ink to print out your design on a specific type of paper and through a special heat transfer technique, altogether will bring out a fine permanent imprint that won't fade over time on your chosen product.